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OPI has been innovating in filtration and single use containers and assemblies since its establishment in 1988. Our objective is to help optimize your current processes. From research laboratories to process development, we are here to serve with a Class 10,000 clean room, an ear to listen to your needs and requirements, and to do our best to meet them. Maybe it’s a pilot plant or manufacturing environment that you work in. With our ISO 9001:2015 certification of our quality management systems combined with our three-day sterile assembly turnaround, we are here to assist in your supply chain needs.

OPI is your local resource. We are committed to being a reliable and high-quality responsive supplier. The Western U.S. has been our region of local influence, but we also strive to provide an equal level of service to accounts globally. End users migrate to us by word of mouth and our website as they recognize the unique value-added products and services we offer.

We are fully committed to disrupting the marketplace and to help corporations large and small to meet their annual budgets for quality products at as much as 25% savings or possibly more. Challenge us – we are here to help you find ways to reduce your annual expenditures. If you like what you see, please refer a colleague to our site.

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Cell Harvesting