About OPI Bioprocess

Optimum Processing Inc. was founded in January 1988 as a manufacturer’s representative sales organization to provide novel and innovative disposable solutions to support the newly emerging bio pharmaceutical industry. Since that time the industry has embraced disposable Single-Use technology and now nearly every cell culture and fermentation lab and most pilot plant and manufacturing areas have integrated these products into their processes.

Disposable bio process containers have evolved from their origins as PVC bags to hold blood and irrigation solutions in central services departments of hospitals to state-of-the-art, sophisticated, pre-assembled, sterile bio processing assemblies complete with integrated mixing and electronic sensing capabilities. The Single-Use technology was adopted because of its robustness and inherent benefits including assurance of sterility, eliminating risk of cross contamination, increased productivity, reduced environmental impact and reducing operating costs.



Over the same time period filtration has advanced its technology and the latest membranes utilize asymmetric morphology and state of the art materials, i.e. PES with low binding characteristics and fast flow rates. Ion exchange membranes and virus removal filters have become standard industry products. Cross flow technology has advanced as well and newer low binding membrane chemistries with new state-of-the-art morphologies are now available in reliable low-cost, high packing density formats such as hollow fiber and Single-Use parallel leaf cassettes that address a variety of common applications including UF/DF, Vaccines and Cell & Virus Harvesting applications in a very economical way.

In the last decade I have watched these two separate technologies become fully  integrated and improved to the point now where they are allowing biopharm process developers to design completely disposable turn-key processes. This is where my experience lies and this is why I have created this website to help companies save money and to avoid being at the mercy of their key critical  suppliers who sometimes tend to take advantage of their preferred vendor and validated status to maintain artificially high market prices for their goods and services.

We have the experience and know how to directly cross most existing filtration or Single-Use products or we can help you design and build affordable custom disposable bio process containers and filtration products designed to meet your specific application requirements and to do it in the most economical and environmentally sensitive way possible.

OPI Bioprocess was established to help share 37+ years of my experience, industry contacts and know how and l promise to make my best effort to help save you money whether it be in the laboratory, process development, manufacturing or R&D environments.


Pete Florez