DEPTH FILTRATION Precision Pre Filtration

Depth-Clear DErtelAlsop manufactures quality depth micro-filtration products in a brand new 50000 sq.ft. facility in Kingston, New York. Now with their new production capacity maximized they can delivery any quantity to meet your needs.

Ertel Alsop manufactures their own cellulosic d.e. depth filter media in flat sheets and stacked disc cartridges from raw materials.

These products are pre-flushed and available in pharmaceutical, low extractables grades. They are also available in disposable configurations at the small scale and large scale i.e. small capsules to large capsules and soon to be launched large format universal disposable.

Bacterial challenged, validated, capsule and cartridge filters are also available for most bio-processing and diagnostics applications.

Introducing a cost effective polishing filtration approach suitable for any high solids removal application.

Obtain crystal clear clarity prior to processing steps like de-watering, de-coloring or de-odorization (with Activated  Carbon) or UF/DF.

Reduce your harvest polishing/clarification filtration costs to less than $0.20 – 0$0.50 / liter. That’s very difficult to do with pleated filters!

Please contact us with your competitive filter train or new application and we will be glad to do the necessary testing to show equivalency and economy.

Data Sheets are available