Saint Gobain Filtration Technology

These quality micro-filtration products manufactured in China are a value proposition for your process.

Saint-Gobain Filtration Technology utilizes state-of-the-art membrane materials to construct their filters. A bacterial challenged validated filter line is available for all bio-processing and diagnostic applications.

An array of cartridges and capsules are available in membrane types from PES and Nylon to PVDF and Polypropylene.

PTFE is available as well as non-shedding Glass Micro Fiber and Polypropylene depth media. ZenPure is unique in that you may configure any cartridge or capsule in any multi-layer membrane and depth filter combination i.e. 1.0u GF + 0.65u PES + 0.2uPES for example.

In Saint-Gobain Filtration Technology you have an unmatched selection of I/O connection choices. Choose connections on capsules from Tri-Clamp Flanged, FNPT or MNPT, Colder style male or female QDC, Female Luer or Hose Barb inlet/outlets – for example this 10” capsule shown below with a QDC male plug, 3/8” X ½” hose barb and 5.4ft2 of filter membrane area.

Remember Saint-Gobain Filtration Technology has 3 ISO Certifications and is ready to host your company Quality Teams audit. See links to Certificates.

Depth Pleated Polypropylene Filters – Newest Nanofiber Technology
Affordable option for selective species removal and high dirt holding capacity.

ZenCap Capsules Rev 0 2010.11.06-OP
PureFlo Junior Capsules Rev 2010.11.3-op

No challenge too big for ZenPure’s new Full Sized Disposable Capsules

New Products

Mini Vent filter cartridges new from Zenpure