Marin Scientific Development Company

Marin Scientific Development Company specializes in eliminating glassware from your cell culture labs, process development labs, pilot plants, and manufacturing areas.

Marin Scientific Development Company specializes in single use filtration “HarvestMax”, cell culture “SeptaVent” and static transfection (3ml Custom Pipette Tips) for 10ml Deep well plates and other high throughput devices. Single-Use makes sense economically and environmentally. It saves labor and risk of serious injury from repetitive motion syndrome. It saves time and reduces environmental impact due primarily to reduced use of water and chemicals and reduced use of energy used in auto-claving. There are very good technical evaluation studies available i.e. ” Environment Impact of Single-Use Systems in Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing”

In addition to creating novel and new products for single-use applications we take off the shelf disposable containers from all of the trusted industry suppliers and modify them to enhance their functionality for your specialized needs whether it be for sterile additions, sampling, fraction collection, or cell harvest filtration in square or round bottles, Erlenmeyer flasks or roller bottles.  Go to the website at the link below and take a look for yourself.

Call us for free estimates of how we can rid you of your glass container dependency and help you save money while helping reduce the impact to the environment at the same time.