Did you know that disposables can comprise as much as 1/3 of a typical annual biopharmaceutical research or manufacturing operating budget?

Imagine cutting that number which can often be in the millions of dollars annually by as much as 50% – or more – and doing it in a safe, well documented and technically robust way!

Now is the time to allow us to come in and show you how we can save you money. You are a prime candidate for our services if you are presently using products from any of the following:

  • Millipore
  • Pall
  • Sartorius-Stedim
  • Cuno
  • GE
  • Spectrum
  • Thermo Fisher

At OPI Bioprocess we care about quality, innovation, technical expertise, product support and value.

If validation or testing are required we call on our industry leading expert partners to help spearhead the effort.

They know how to speed-up the timeline and can provide the manpower and necessary expertise in due-diligence and documentation to support the project and to get the fastest possible QA approval for the proposed cost saving measures.

Quality, Innovation, and Value never go out of style. Now, more than ever, you need to reevaluate the way you are doing business to make it more efficient and cost effective – without making any compromises.

Bottle Manifold

Bottle Manifold

Recommending efficient ways to do business that save time and money and protect the environment while supporting the crucial R&D and Manufacturing efforts necessary to innovate, save lives and enhance our quality of life is what OPI Bioprocess is all about.

In most cases we can provide equivalent replacements of most Biopharma grade filters, bags and accessories but if we need to we can provide custom solutions as well. We can design and manufacture  practically anything you may need in the category of critical disposable devices.

If you do not see a particular product you are looking for or if you happen to have a great product idea that you are willing to share with us do not hesitate. We’d love to hear your product idea in fact we are inventors ourselves. We can get an NDA in place so we can freely discuss the product idea. If it makes sense we can help you evaluate the market potential and marketability of your idea. Who knows? If its good enough you may be able to earn royalties from your product idea!