2L FlexVent Bottle Assembly (PETG)

2L FlexVent Bottle Assembly (PETG)

SKU: 94002

OPI's FlexVent Bottle Assemblies are the perfect alternative to glass, allowing you to eliminate the need to clean and validate.


All FlexVent Bottle Assemblies are made with USP Class VI components and are E-beam Irradiated in California to a minimum dose of 25kGy.


Specifications for Part No. 94002

  • Bottle Material: PETG
  • Volume (mL): 2000
  • Inlet Tube Material: Biopharmaceutical TPE (sealable and weldable)
  • Inlet Tube Size: .125" ID X .250" OD
  • Inlet Tube Length: 18"
  • Vent Tube Material: Platinum Cured Silicone 
  • Vent Tube Size: .188" ID X .375" OD
  • Vent Filter: 50mm 0.22 µm Hyrdophobic PTFE
  • Dip Tube Material: TPE
  • Dip Tube Size: .125" ID X .250" OD


OPI's FlexVent Bottle Assemblies are also available in the following sizes:

125mL (PETG)

250mL (PETG and PP)

500mL (PETG)

1000mL (PETG and PP)

2000mL (PETG and PP)

5000mL (PETG and PP)


All FlexVent Assemblies are fully customizable and can be supplied irradiated or non-irradiated.


Contact us and see how we can help design a custom solution for you.  


    Eliminates cleaning steps required with reusable containers, helping to reduce cross-contamination risks.


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